Music recording for artists, video games, advertising and films. I pay special attention to the details, the dynamics and the interaction between musicians and technician. I always prefer to have analog hardware to track if the conditions and the environment allow it.


The mixing process is something as personal as the taste of each one. I believe that the artists who choose to work with me do so looking for creative input and musicality. I continually do the exercise of thinking like a listener, interested in finding the sound I want to achieve.


The mastering process must take the audio to its maximum expressiveness, taking care of its balance and transferring it to different listening environments. The precise application of tools and technical resources that safeguard the dynamics and unique intention of each project is key to achieving that potential.


Being in the laboratory where the songs are created is key to understanding how to combine arrangement and audio. Producing is quite a challenge. Each album, EP or single represents a particular moment of the musician, so I work in the process looking for resources that enhance everything the performer wants to express.