Music recording services for artists, video games, advertising, and films. I pay special attention to detail, dynamics, and the interaction between musicians and technicians. Whenever possible, I prefer to use analog hardware for recording, provided the conditions and environment are suitable.


Mixing is a highly personalized process, much like individual taste. Artists who choose to work with me seek creative input and musicality in their mixes. I approach mixing by putting myself in the listener's shoes, constantly striving to achieve the sound that resonates with me.


The mastering process aims to bring out the maximum expressiveness of audio while ensuring a balanced sound that translates well across various listening environments. The precise application of technical tools and resources is crucial in preserving the unique dynamics and intention of each project, unlocking its full potential.


Being present during the creation of songs is crucial to seamlessly blend arrangement and audio. Each album, EP, or single represents a unique moment in a musician's journey, making production a challenging yet rewarding task. I work closely with performers to enhance their artistic expression, utilizing a range of resources and techniques to achieve the desired result.

  • Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina